How can I know exactly who receives my knitted items? Can I have a relationship with the child(ren) I knit items for? Can I send my knitted items directly to a child?

The best way to have a relationship with a child living in poverty or to send your knitted gifts directly to him/her is to sponsor a child through World Vision. Your sponsorship support will provide life-saving essentials like access to clean water, improved nutrition, basic healthcare, quality education, and spiritual nurture through caring World Vision staff. Choose a boy or girl to sponsor for just $39 a month. You’ll receive a packet with your child’s photo and information on where you can send gifts (including your knitted items!). As the child’s only sponsor, you will have amazing opportunities to learn about and love each other by exchanging emails, letters, and photos. As you watch your child and his or her community grow over time, we know that you will see God move in your own life too. Please note that children in most sponsorship countries can receive packages, but there are a few areas that do not allow shipments from individuals. Some countries can only receive small packages (6x9 envelopes or shoebox size boxes) so your knitted items may need to be small. You will learn this information once you receive your sponsorship packet.

Where will my knitted/crocheted items go?

To keep overhead costs as low as possible, World Vision staff cannot report on the exact shipment location of your donated items. We are a reputable, trusted organization that will deliver your items to children living in severe poverty, along with other life-saving essentials. Your items may be given to children in the U.S., Central or South America, Asia, or Africa – wherever the need is greatest at that time. In your donation confirmation letter, you will learn which countries received our latest shipments and we will provide specific stories of children receiving items in our biannual newsletter. Who knows, you may even see pictures of your items in these stories!


I used to be able to send knitted sweaters, are you still accepting knitted sweaters?

We are currently encouraging our volunteers to crochet or knit blankets, caps, and mittens in order to meet the most urgent needs of those we serve.  Therefore, our sweater pattern is not currently available on our website.  You may continue to crochet or knit sweaters following a pattern you prefer, and we will still happily distribute them. 

Can I use wool or cotton yarn?

Acrylic yarns are actually much better to use than wool or cotton. They hold up well for washing and will not shrink. The acrylic yarns do not scratch as much as wool does.

Can I send handmade items other than sweaters, caps, and blankets?

Not at this time. The items are distributed to groups of children and it’s important that every child feels equally loved and cared for with their gifts.

Can we use a different pattern?

We ask that you utilize the patterns we provide. However, if you have a pattern that is better for you, please feel free to use it. It is most important that you send these greatly needed and appreciated items!


What is the best way to ship the items?

We accept knitted/crocheted items all year round and there is no deadline for receiving them. Finished donations can be sent to: Knit for Kids, c/o World Vision 210 Overlook Drive Sewickley, PA 15143 Please include the filled out "Packing Slip" with your shipment. There is no need to incur the extra expense of insuring your shipment; save money for your next yarn purchase!

Can I drop off my items somewhere?

A.C. Moore arts and craft stores have 140 store locations in the Eastern United States from Maine to Florida. At each of these stores, you can drop-off your items. Crafters who aren’t near an A.C. Moore store still need to mail your items to us at the above address. We hope to have drop-off locations across the country in the future. We encourage you to talk with your local retailer about Knit for Kids…you never know what you might inspire to happen!

Can we send teddy bears or other gifts along with the items?

Not at this time. The items are generally distributed to groups of children and there may not be enough gift items for each child. To ensure that every child feels loved and honored, we refrain from sending other gifts. If you’d like to send gifts directly to a child, please consider sponsoring a child through World Vision.

Will you ever have a shipping address in Canada to help with the postage expense?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a Canadian shipping or drop-off location.


When will I receive an acknowledgment after sending my items to World Vision? We shipped our items a month ago and haven’t heard whether they were received. Did you get them?

We mail donation confirmation letters once per month to every crafter who sent items to us in the previous month. If you send your items at the beginning of the month, please note that it may take up to 8 weeks to receive your letter. If you send your items at the very end of the month, it may be processed in the following month, which means you would also receive your letter 6-8 weeks later. You are part of an amazing movement of crafters who love children across the world! We receive approximately 30 packages a day – nearly 6,000 items per month! Packages are stored in our sort room until we have a full pallet of packages (about 5 feet tall), and then they are carefully processed by our volunteers each week.

Will I hear where my items went? Why can’t I see pictures of the child receiving my donated items?

Please see above question, Where will my knitted/crocheted items go? Thank you for your interest in Knit for Kids. Your help is greatly appreciated!